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Not receiving confirmation emails or password reset emails? Your support desk FAQs answered.


Sometimes email falls through the cracks and doesn’t make it to your inbox. We do not have the resources to troubleshoot each individual mail problem, but we can give you general guidelines to help.

Emails from weComply

All emails from the weComply application will have a From header with one of the following email addresses:

You might consider adding these domains to your address book and/or asking your network administrator to allowlist them.

If you’re using a public email tool (such as Hotmail, Gmail,, etc.) and are having trouble receiving your confirmation email, try adding to your contacts list.

Check SPAM Locally and on the Network

Emails from weComply can get caught in SPAM filters. Check the SPAM folder in your email inbox to see if it’s there. If it’s not in your local SPAM folder, ask your network administrator if the message might be blocked at the network level. Our support team can provide more information on what IP addresses to allowlist.

Resend Confirmation Email

You can have weComply resend a confirmation email by going to and requesting a confirmation email. You should receive a message immediately that the email was sent. The email will originate from