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Businesses actively participating in one of our Siyakha Development Programmes have full support in their development journey. One of these services includes the Siyakha Active Coaching© model which provides short, fact-filled learning through our Founder’s Circle series.

In the next session in this exciting series, join the highly-esteemed Professor Herman Singh who is the CEO of Future Advisory, an international firm specialising in digital transformation projects in corporates, and start-up acceleration. Professor Singh is an independent non-Executive Director on the Board of Telkom, a Director of Adcorp Holdings and a non-Executive Director of Cenfri as well as being a Lecturer on the GIBS MBA programme.

Professor Herman Singh is the author of a book titled Di-Volution. The book explores how we got here, what is happening now and how we should be responding to the changes and then provides some guidance as to how businesses, individuals and society need to pivot in their thinking and behaviour to better prepare for the new digitally transformed world that awaits us.

Everyone is welcome and 50 participants will receive a free copy of Professor Singh’s book, sponsored
by Siyakha.

Learning to Pivot  | 1 June  | 14:00-16:00

  • Digital disruption
  • Root drivers, the implications, and how businesses should seek to adapt

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