Founder’s Circle | Sales Process and Automation with Chantelle Fraser

Businesses actively participating in one of our Siyakha Development Programmes have full support in their development journey. One of these services includes the Siyakha Active Coaching© model which provides short, fact-filled learning through our Founder’s Circle series.

In the next session of this exciting series, Chantelle Fraser presents Sales Process and Automation. Chantelle is the CEO of LeadSquared Africa drawing on years of experience, not only in sales and marketing but her many successes in entrepreneurship.  Chantelle has a wealth of knowledge and experience gained from working in a number of industries. Chantelle continually seeks opportunities to help customers implement sales efficiencies so they can increase their lead to sale conversions, sell more, sell faster and do more with fewer resources.

As a result, our customers get to increase their lead to sale conversions by 35%, sales revenue by 40%, reduce response times by 61% and gain exponential efficiencies in sales processes. Chantelle is always actively working with SMME’s who want to transform the way they use Sales and Marketing Automation to transform the way they do Sales and Marketing.

You cannot afford to miss this learning session, everyone is welcome.

The Coaching series events are sponsored by Siyakha.

Sales Process and Automation | 27 July 2021 | 09:00 – 11:00

  • Why do Start-Ups have an advantage over big corporations
  • A Start-Ups sales process on paper
  • How a Start-up manages its sales process in real-life
  • The areas you will leak Sales Opportunities doing it the way you are doing it
  • How to close all your revenue leakage gaps
  • Understanding your Sales Process and how Automation will help you become an expert sales and marketer that keeps your lead funnel fill and qualified leads flowing
  • Introduction to free courses that all start-ups should watch to teach them how to get them on the ground tactics right in minutes

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