Imagine a space where quality, innovative digital creations connect with and directly impact human and customer experience?

Founded in 2017 by four friends, Pixel Chefs is a start-up with a passion for immersive digital technology. Prior to starting the business, its founders were always ‘Cooking Up’ inspired digital experiences which they would share with each other. But this “collaboration of ideas” was too good to keep to themselves and Pixel Chefs was launched to conceptualise and create unique, impactful engagements that optimise real-time connection and amplify digital experiences.

Join us as we profile one of Siyakha’s Implementation Partners 2021 programme participant – Nelson Rebolo, Co-founder and Creative Director, who will talk about the company’s journey, how digital evolution is impacting our world today, as well as some of the local and international customers and agencies they have collaborated with.

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