The coronavirus or COVID-19 presents significant threats not only to human health but also to business. On Monday evening, 23 March 2020, the president enforced a national lockdown to stop the spread of this virus and outlined the role that business needs to play in protecting our communities.

weComply is fully supportive of all the measures announced and has already aligned our processes to support the required actions. It is, therefore, important that business owners consider a range of actions to prepare the business for the COVID-19 impact. Below are seven tips to help your business navigate through the COVID-19 crisis:

TIP ONE – Continue to Operate 

It is essential to communicate to staff that the national lockdown is not a holiday and that the business will continue to operate. It is a time to think ‘out the box’ and find creative ways to continue operating. If you can, set up your staff at their homes with laptops, WIFI, and mobile devices to continue working. Once this is in place below are some tools that the business can use to assist with remote working:


  • Microsoft Teams, Zoom, or Skype to have staff and client meetings
  • Dropbox and GoogleDrive for file sharing
  • Remo and GoToWebinar for online events
  • Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram for Online networking